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SME? Here's how we can help with your cash flow.
One of the biggest problems for small to medium sized enterprises is having to wait for slow payers to settle their invoices. It's a sad fact that many of them do so deliberately in order to ease their own cash flow problems! This puts a financial squeeze on the SME which so often forces cutbacks, delays expansion plans and sometimes puts a whole company's survival into danger. Fortunately there is an answer - and we can help you find it.

Invoice discounting and Invoice factoring
There are funding providers who can provide instant cash flow by either lending you money against the security of your invoices (invoice factoring) or actually buying them from you (invoice discounting). This would mean that you could be paid most of your money the minute an invoice was issued instead of waiting 30, 60, 90, 120 days (or forever?) until the customer settles up. This could not only cure your cash flow headaches but also help to keep relationships with your customers cordial.

Where do we come into this?
As independent brokers we can explain the advantages - and, yes, the few disadvantages - of curing your cash flow issues in this way. We will then search through the whole market to find a provider that can solve your problems in the most efficient and cost effective way.

How long will it take?
Wherever you live in the country we could have you sat in front of a finance company representative within 24 hours, or even perhaps the same day if need be. Alternatively the whole business can often be completed by telephone/email.

What will you charge me for this?
We won't charge you anything. We receive commissions from providers but this comes out of their marketing budgets, not as an extra charge to you.

furthermore, in the majority of cases we can actually negotiate better terms for our clients that they would receive if they approached the providers themselves. This is because we place bulk business, we know who to ask and we know how competitive this industry is! There are a bewildering number of finance providers in Britain with a wide variety of invoice financing schemes, ranging from well known banks to smaller and more specialised sources. The vast majority are well run, efficient companies that may be able to offer you an excellent service. There is only one, however, that is the best one to satisfy your unique requirements and it is our job to find that company (which we are remarkably good at!).

For an informal chat with one of our principals you can ring us on O845 O94 4439 during office hours, or 07801 858 737 outside these. Alternatively you can send us an enquiry via the form above, or and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Who are you?
We are Factoring and Invoice Discounting Limited, of 4 The Stables, Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 5PG. Our company registration number is 08310845.

Our pricipals are Claire Dwyer FCCA (Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants) and FABRP (Fellow of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals); and Ian Jones AABRP. Both Claire and Ian have had decades of experience in solving (often very complex) financial issues for companies throughout the UK, both large and small. They can probably help with yours, too.

Invoice Factoring
With invoice factoring someone else takes over your billing process, chasing slow payers and handling credit contol. This means that your customers are aware that you are using a factoring facility.

Invoice Discounting
With invoice discounting your company would be allowed to borrow money against the invoice it raises. There is no need for your customers to be aware that you are dealing with a discounting company.

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We are Factoring and Invoice Discounting Limited, of 4 The Stables, Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 5PG. Registered in England number 08310845.
Telephone number: O845 O94 4439 (5 lines).

* Depending upon your call plan, calls to 0845 numbers can cost up to 7p a minute plus your network's connection charge, if any.
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