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There are many ways to fund a business, and if you are looking for a business loan, a commercial mortgage or asset based funding we will be glad to help. Just give us a ring and we'll get you some quotes to consider.

Invoice financing is worth thinking about; it allows you to borrow money against your invoices (invoice factoring) or actually sell them (invoice discounting). This means that you don't have to wait days, weeks, months or sometimes for ever to get your bills paid. Cash flow improves enormously and you can sleep easy in bed at night knowing that a slow payer won't threaten the success of your business.

Is invoice financing a safe way of doing business?
Most finance directors must think so! The latest figures which have been released by the prestigious Asset Based Finance Association show that more than £180 Billion was raised by UK companies in this way in 2010. This figure is likely to have increased since then. It is highly possible that your own customers raise much of their finance in this way too.

What other types of business finance can you arrange?
We have contacts with many major PLCs, including divisions of well known High Street banks, as well as smaller and more specialised funding institutions, some of which specialise in financing particular industries. With decades of experience in arranging financial solutions for a huge variety of company problems we can almost invariably find an answer to most requirements.

Where do you come into this?
We are independent finance brokers. It is probably true that no other brokers in Britain have better connections or knowledge about business finance than we have. This means that we can probably introduce you to the finance source that is best placed to help with your own unique situation.

What will you charge me for this?
Usually nothing. Like most brokers our fees are normally met by the lenders. If this is not the case we will tell you before we do anything.

Isn't it cheaper for me to approach the lenders directly?
On the contrary, you are likely to actually pay less if we approach the finance companies on your behalf. This is because, as volume business providers, we can usually negotiate better terms than individual clients can. In addition, your requirements are unique, so although there are many first class finance sources out there they are not necessarily the best ones to help you. We know which companies to approach, who to talk to, and how to present your case.

How long does all this take?
If you contact us during office hours We can usually set matters in motion the same day.

Which parts of Britain do you cover?
We have contacts with most of the UK's major invoice finance companies so there is usually someone we can put you in touch with in most of the major towns and cities in Britain. Distance isn't necessarily a problem though since much of the business is transacted over the telephone or via email.

Invoice Factoring
With invoice factoring someone else takes over your billing process, chasing slow payers and handling credit contol. This means that your customers are aware that you are using a factoring facility.

Invoice Discounting
With invoice discounting your company would be allowed to borrow money against the invoice it raises. There is no need for your customers to be aware that you are dealing with a discounting company.

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